Our Reviews

We are proud of what is being said about the care we provide…

We were so grateful to have found Live to Assist for my dear elderly mother. After having experienced two large assisted living facilities and two other home-based assisted living facilities, we were able to make a fair comparison. Live to Assist offers the best care on a daily basis that my mother has ever received.

The staff is patient, loving, and attentive to her needs. They are willing to take time to visit with her, to massage her aging, arthritic hands, to simply sit and talk and share stories while drinking coffee or milk and eating cookies.

This is so important for my mother because she wants to feel significant. It has fascinated me how the staff can anticipate my mother’s needs ahead of time and meet those needs effectively.

Having nutritious and delicious food choices was also important because my mother loves food and loves the social time meals provide. Most of the time when I am visiting, I catch either the beginning of a meal or the end, so I am careful to observe what is being served. I have seen near gourmet meals like organic chicken breast wrapped around asparagus, roasts, meatloaf, potatoes, beets, squash, homemade pies, cakes, and cookies. My mother’s favorite meal is breakfast. She is allowed to order as if she were in a restaurant. Most of the time it is eggs, sausage, toast, cereal, French toast, coffee or all of the above. It’s really impressive how the staff accommodates the needs of the residents.

As an adult child overseeing the care of an elderly parent, we are often more concerned about the ambiance of a facility than the genuine care, but I have found that my mother, being the resident, values the care and attention above all else. The staff is sensitive to the needs of the residents and are quick to accept changes in mood, behavior and attitudes. We love the homey feeling of Live to Assist and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a home for their aging family member.


Live to assist is the very best facility for caring for a loved one anywhere on the planet. The staff is always available and well trained for any type of person. We relocated my father from Arkansas and he instantly adjusted to all the friendly staff and residents. The owners are available and ready to assist when needed. I also have two friends who entrusted Live to Assist with their mothers. Both ladies thrived and made it their home. One family felt so secure with the care given to their loved one, that they moved to South Carolina and left their family member in the loving, capable hands of the staff of Live to Assist! I have worked with seniors and presently do hospice work in Northern Colorado. I wish I had the words to express the beauty of Live to Assist. Please feel free to contact me for more information.